3 wise men



The wise monkeys (also called « three monkeys ») are an Asian symbol consists of three monkeys, each of which covers a different part of the face with the hands: first the eyes, the mouth and the second the third the ears. They form a kind of pictorial maxim: « See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. » To one who follows this maxim, it would happen as well. Available in three colors, white, black or gold, they bring a Zen touch and tend to your decoration. Opt for a serene ambience and design with the design monkeys!



Material: painted polyresin
Colours: White, Gold, Black



Length: 20 cm

Height: 35 cm

Width: 20 cm


Fiche produit – Singe n’entend pas

Fiche produit – Singe ne vois pas

Fiche produit – Singe ne parle pas


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