Jour : 25 mai 2016


Description : Horsy of Artypopart brand is a creation trend with its multiple colors. With its small size it can land in any room of your home, on furniture or to brighten a child’s room . Horsy brings a playful touch to your decor. Composed of polyresin lacquered , it combines quality and design!   […]

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DOGGY phone

  Description : Doggy Phone Artypopart of the brand is a creation tendency and practice. It can arise in any room of your home, on a piece of furniture in a child’s room and allows you to ask your mobile phone. Doggy Phone brings a playful touch to your decoration and a useful part in […]

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DOG design

Description:   Looking for a pet? Choose the design dog! Ideal for a child’s bedroom, a playroom or living room, design dog will bring a playful note and tend to your home! With its funny shape and two colors, this dog will seduce young and old. The dog Artypopart design is a modern creation offbeat […]

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